Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ways to Increase your Youtube Channel Views

Ever wondered how easy it is to earn easy money through YouTube videos? But for intense monetisation you need to have a huge popularity base. This essentially means that your videos need to be entertaining and not merely informative. For this, one has to create a potentially compelling video that can hook the target audience by interactive means.

How do you increase the youtube views? 

Well, your video has to be seen!! It’s a startling fact that YouTube ranks as the 2nd largest search engine globally. There are many ways to increase youtube views and increase youtube subscribers as well. So, follow the few basic steps that can essentially increase youtube views:

1. Ensure to feature it on your YouTube page. 
Make sure your viewers find your latest YouTube video on your home page. It is indispensable to make your YouTube page look current and relevant. Moreover, it increases the chances of your viewers to find the video at ease.

2. Prefer a bogy thumbnail over a custom thumbnail. 
Custom thumbnails are generally less appealing. Rather add a screenshot of your video and edit it with special effects. A bogy thumbnail using blue, green,.yellow and orange colours is much eye-catching. This is because YouTube uses red, white and black colours..

3. Video title should be short and eye-catching. 
Try to abstain from using extended titles. Small and crispy titles are more interesting. Whatsoever, do not explain the entire content of the video in a single line - title. Using a descriptive video title may seem childish to your viewers.

4. Choose SEO induced tags. 
YouTube being a search engine finds relevant tags. So, use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based tags that can provide high ROI (Return on Interest). Try to adopt a viewer-centric approach by using popular keywords, which general people use while searching anything.

5. Video description should be interesting. 
Always ensure to provide rich content in your video description. It is recommended to add humorous statements in the description box to target a broader base. This increases the efficacy of your channel to pull more people to your channel.

6. Upload multi-lingual transcripts to your video. 
To acquire higher traffic in your YouTube channel by reaching out to more viewers, use multi-lingual transcripts, for instance, English, Hindi and your local language if possible. This is because, people do prefer to watch videos with language, the person is comfortable with.

7. Add a pop-up on your website or blog. 
If you do possess your own website or blog, the onus lies on you to ensure adding a pop-up message to your website, blog or other portfolio platforms. Then, it is inevitable that people visiting your site(s) will tend to visit your YouTube channel. Provide the homepage of your YouTube channel in the pop-up message. As a matter of fact our curiosity cannot prevent us from clicking the pop-up message!!

8. Do plenty of research to improve your videos’s search ranking. 
To improvise your views, make sure you do a lot of research to find out new ways to enhance the racking of your video in YouTube search engine as well as Google search engine. For this purpose, use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Ads and other relevant tools that are easily available in the market. 

A legendary YouTuber gives equal weightage to all these minutes. Ensuring these can definitely fetch you the desired crown.

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hello! The World of Videos

For Centuries, people have been hooked towards reading. From Shakespeare to Rabindranath Tagore, there has been a zeal that has captivated the readers towards what we call “Books”. Till the 20th Century, reading was the only source of information. Do you remember the time when you would see pictures in school books which made it interesting and rather less boring? Oh, Yes! There were audiobooks to listen too, Wow! That Era saw some changes which were slow, yet safe. Suddenly, in Mid-2000, came three gentlemen, who thought of inventing a platform to enable anybody and everybody to share videos all over the world. This invention was called – “YouTube”, which became a sensation ever since it got launched. It was eventually taken over by one of the powerful companies in the world, Google. Today, an adult can post videos on YouTube for anyone to see around the world. As interesting as it sounds, it’s equally a dangerous step to post your life on this platform.

Oh, I am not against YouTube, and I would not deny the fact that it has made our work simpler in so many ways, yet, it has also made me cautious of my moves, of what I am watching and uploading. For instance, how easy has it become to watch a video and try out a new recipe in your kitchen, or try out a makeover for your house by watching some interior videos? Easy access for the love of songs, or for watching movies? To upload a tutorial on studies or running a business? Oh, Wait! How could I forget this? Running a business, yes! You heard me correct. You can earn from the YouTube channel by posting your videos, getting designated views or by earning through featuring ads on your channel. Does this sound to be a quick mode to earn money? Umm, maybe yes! Though it’s not as easy as it sounds here, it is a difficult process, however, any incorrect word or a view posted on this can get you in political trouble too.

Have we forgotten how people have misused this platform to put others in disgrace? Well, it has given easy access to upload any kind of video and make it “Viral”. (If you wish to buy views on your video then visit our website - BuyYoutubeViewsIndia) It is not a fever, which will come and go, it might tarnish someone’s image through this. People say, YouTube has increased their knowledge, well, it definitely has, but it has also given the freedom to everyone to mishandle it in their ways. And, did I just forget to mention how my two-year toddler is fascinated by YouTube, Gosh! Now, I don’t know if it’s a boon or a bane for the parents. Can you control what your children watch on YouTube? I don’t need to answer this question as we ourselves have gone through this stage.

To each to their own, for me, YouTube has been a mixed bag of experiences. Where it has imparted me with so much useful information, has made me learned so many new things, it has also invaded my privacy and made me watchful of my steps and also has become my husband’s best friend. If you need more help in making your video or channel viral then don't forget to visit- BuyYoutubeSubscribers

3 Steps to Place Your Bed According to Good Feng Shui

Your room becomes a very important aspect that you need to work on in Feng Shui. This is mostly because it is the room you spend most of your time in and it almost represents you. The kind of energy or chi you surround yourself with is directly related to this space. Therefore, working on this space and making sure that it has the right kind of energy because when we are sleeping, we are constantly surrounded by that aura. There are many items and products you can invest in for his process. However, if you just want to see how a few changes work for you initially, this article can help you with that. Here are some steps that you take in order to have good feng shui in your room.
Feng shui for your home

You should be able to see the door: This basically means that even when you lie down, you should be able to see the door. However, it is not ideal that your bed in directly in front of the door, it should ideally be diagonal. This is so that you have a sense of security even as you sleep. If it is not possible for you to keep your bed diagonally from the door, you can always use mirrors so that you see the reflection of the door even as you are sleeping. 
Take the Support of a Wall: This may seem like common sense to place your bed against a wall. However, that is not always the case. You have to ensure that your bed is aligned against a wall. However, it should not be aligned against a window, especially if you have problems with your eyes. Your bed should not be in the middle of the room as well, devoid of support of any kind. It is always better to have a solid wall behind your bed. 
Space on Both Sides of the Bed: Yes, while this may not always be possible due to space constrictions but it is better for adults if they have space on both sides of the bed. If this is not possible as one side is getting blocked due to some kind of furniture, it is better to declutter that area first. You will automatically feel a lot better if your room has less clutter and unnecessary items in it. 
While there are many Feng Shui products that you can use in order to have good chi in your room, like using crystals, etc. You do not necessarily have to do that immediately. A very big part of Feng Shui is to keep your surroundings clean and clutter- free. You will see your space coming into shape on the lines of Feng Shui items automatically once you start following some basic guidelines. Observe even the minutest of changes, be it in your mood or the kind of sleep you get at night. All get impacted as a result of Feng Shui. These are just some guidelines for you to begin your Feng Shui journey with.