Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hello! The World of Videos

For Centuries, people have been hooked towards reading. From Shakespeare to Rabindranath Tagore, there has been a zeal that has captivated the readers towards what we call “Books”. Till the 20th Century, reading was the only source of information. Do you remember the time when you would see pictures in school books which made it interesting and rather less boring? Oh, Yes! There were audiobooks to listen too, Wow! That Era saw some changes which were slow, yet safe. Suddenly, in Mid-2000, came three gentlemen, who thought of inventing a platform to enable anybody and everybody to share videos all over the world. This invention was called – “YouTube”, which became a sensation ever since it got launched. It was eventually taken over by one of the powerful companies in the world, Google. Today, an adult can post videos on YouTube for anyone to see around the world. As interesting as it sounds, it’s equally a dangerous step to post your life on this platform.

Oh, I am not against YouTube, and I would not deny the fact that it has made our work simpler in so many ways, yet, it has also made me cautious of my moves, of what I am watching and uploading. For instance, how easy has it become to watch a video and try out a new recipe in your kitchen, or try out a makeover for your house by watching some interior videos? Easy access for the love of songs, or for watching movies? To upload a tutorial on studies or running a business? Oh, Wait! How could I forget this? Running a business, yes! You heard me correct. You can earn from the YouTube channel by posting your videos, getting designated views or by earning through featuring ads on your channel. Does this sound to be a quick mode to earn money? Umm, maybe yes! Though it’s not as easy as it sounds here, it is a difficult process, however, any incorrect word or a view posted on this can get you in political trouble too.

Have we forgotten how people have misused this platform to put others in disgrace? Well, it has given easy access to upload any kind of video and make it “Viral”. (If you wish to buy views on your video then visit our website - BuyYoutubeViewsIndia) It is not a fever, which will come and go, it might tarnish someone’s image through this. People say, YouTube has increased their knowledge, well, it definitely has, but it has also given the freedom to everyone to mishandle it in their ways. And, did I just forget to mention how my two-year toddler is fascinated by YouTube, Gosh! Now, I don’t know if it’s a boon or a bane for the parents. Can you control what your children watch on YouTube? I don’t need to answer this question as we ourselves have gone through this stage.

To each to their own, for me, YouTube has been a mixed bag of experiences. Where it has imparted me with so much useful information, has made me learned so many new things, it has also invaded my privacy and made me watchful of my steps and also has become my husband’s best friend. If you need more help in making your video or channel viral then don't forget to visit- BuyYoutubeSubscribers