Monday, August 24, 2020


In this competitive world, awards and trophies are widely used as a token of appreciation to amp up the morale of the recipient. Not only do give awards or trophies are a great gesture for appreciating the good work but also a great way to increase productivity and keep up the competitive spirit. But finding an apt award or trophy can be an intimidating task. Awards that are of average quality and statured meaninglessly can leave a very distasteful impact of the event or the presenter.

An idle award or trophy should reflect the presenting body, please the recipient, and should fit in one’s budget. The basic requirements taken in mind before getting an idle award should be quality and customizations.


Selecting the right type of material for the trophy is the key factor for making the award look good and also be cost-effective. Earlier trophies or medals were mostly made of gold, silver, and bronze but with time diamond, platinum, gems, glass, shiny acrylic material, pewter, etc. are used for the production of awards.

Trophies made out of resin are the cheapest and also is the perfect material to create complex designs for awards easily.

If made out of expensive and precious metals like platinum, gold, or silver; the shape, weight, and size of the award play an important role to keep the cost under budget. Small yet heavy award/medal has a higher significance as it looks of good quality. It is often said that the heavier the trophy, the greater the appreciation.

If budget is an issue one can also consider medallions instead of giving sculpted awards or trophies. A medallion is a large circular piece used for decorating, also called large medals. They are cost-effective.


Nowadays various advanced designing and production techniques have come up for manufacturing trophies and awards in Mumbai. It is better to be familiar with these techniques and decide the size, shape, and material of the awards beforehand. Some new techniques used in manufacturing awards are-

  • 2 D engraving
  • 3D laser etches
  • 3D laser engraving
  • Hand blown awards
  • Full-color sublimation laser coating
  • Beveled areas
  • Faceted crystal
  • Cast and struck techniques
  • Hand Crafted trophies


Engraved pieces are the cheapest alternative for awards and trophies. The awards should be big enough for engraving to be done. And now engraving has even become free for customers who order in bulk. But if the design to be engraved is intricate then the costing can vary. Laser engraving is one of the most used techniques for creating such trophies.

Purchasing resin, glass, or crystals trophies are cost-effective and also are eco-friendly as they are lead-free. They are 100% safe and non-toxic.

Browsing multiple shops or online websites like angels trophies for customizing the shape, logo, color, size, etc. of the trophy is often beneficial and also gives an idea of the cost of various producers. Contacting the manufacturers makes it easier to have the desired trophy in minimal costing.

Also contacting directly to the manufacturer and pre-ordering the awards deduces the cost of the piece.

Buying an award or trophy is a hefty task, but if done right keeping in mind all the necessary details, makes the task a lot easier.

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