Thursday, January 21, 2021

Is There Any Age Limit for LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK Surgery Age

Many of the people always feel uncomfortable having LASIK eye surgery just because they think that there is any age limit for LASIK eye surgery, many patients are asked whether they are too old or young to get LASIK. There is no age limit for LASIK but the only age restriction is that you must be over 18. The reason behind this restriction is that, just like the rest of our body, our eyes are constantly changing as we age this is why surgeons are not recommended to undergo LASIK eye surgery to those who are under 18. 

A healthiest adult vision is 19 to 40 anyone within this age group is a great candidate for LASIK eye surgery. The thing could affect your LASIK eye surgery candidacy is the age that is above or around 60 because age related vision problem possibly presenting at the time. To know more about Lasik Eye Surgery Age visit here.

Age between 55 to above:- There are no age criteria for having LASIK eye surgery but many factors must be taken into consideration before approved as a candidate of LASIK eye surgery because after 55 there are so many problems and diseases may arise like glaucoma, cataracts and thin corneas etc. so these are some things that should consider before approving. 

 Age between 40 to 55:- This age is not that much bad so if you guys don’t have any problem or medical history and if you are a non-smoker then this will be a good sign for you because these things will help you to make a good candidate or get approval to undergo LASIK eye surgery. 

Age between 25 to 40:- Most eye surgeons recommended this age group to having LASIK eye surgery because this is an ideal age for surgery. By the age of 25 the prescription of eyes are stable and the stable eyesight is good in LASIK eye surgery. 

Age between 18 to 24:- After 18 you can get LASIK eye surgery but you should wait for some time if you can. This is why most of the surgeons recommended LASIK eye surgery at the age of 25. 

Factors that impact candidacy:- As we mentioned in above the age should be over 18 and the ideal age is 19 to 40 but you guys can have LASIK eye surgery over 40. There are some factors that can impact on the candidacy of the LASIK eye surgery :-
  • If you have eye disease such as glaucoma, corneal disease can disqualify you from the LASIK. 
  • Before surgery your surgeon will check your vision stability. If your vision stability is not clear you will not be able to undergo LASIK because your prescription must be stable for at least a year. 
  • If you are pregnant so the LASIK isn’t good for you because hormonal changes cause temporary vision changes. 
  • If you have an eye infection or injury so you are disqualified. 
  • If you have thin corneas then this is bad news for you because the patients who have thin corneas are also an imperfect candidate.
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