Monday, May 31, 2021

Do’s And Don’ts For Using Hair Serum?

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We all are trying so hard to maintain our hair healthy all the time, we know you are trying this way too. For that we suggest applying hair serum to get perfect hair. Hair serum is a silicon based product that coats the surface of your hair and improves the shine and their texture. Not only this you can get the best vitamin c serum for oily skin.  And finding the perfect serum for your hair can be a life changer Right? In markets there are so many hair serums available but there is a big question: how do you choose the best one for your hair? And how do you get a serum that is perfect for you or not? And if you buy this, how to use it in the best way to get the maximum benefits?

So here are some points that you should Do’s and Don’ts :-

Do’s Using Hair Serum

Know your hair type

To care for your hair as part of the daily care process. People have the misconception that if you have fine hair you can’t use serums because it will make your beautiful hair go flat but in reality you can use hair serums for shine and brighten but when you are choosing a hair serum, consider your hair type. Don’t forget to check which is your hair type whether it is dry, oily or rough. But in the market there are some hair serums which are especially designed for chemically treated hair. 

Wash hair properly

Wash your hair before applying serum on your hair. This will treat your hair as magic when you use it on clean and shampooed hair. Hair serum protects your hair from dirt and pollution all the day therefore only apply serum to cleansed hair. Always apply serum after washing your hair. It will provide you with smoothness.  You can search online for the best hair serum for frizzy hair in india.

Apply hair serum to the ends

Your hair ends usually get dry, rough and split ends. This is why your hair ends need more serum than your other part of hair. For getting a gorgeous look it’s important to distribute serum to that part of the hair that needs most and this is the end of your hair. And applying serum at the roots can develop unwanted results. This is why many hair stylists suggest applying serum at the ends. For applying hair serums then you have to start working from the ends of the hair working up to the roots of the hair. 

Don’ts Using Hair Serum

Unwashed hair

Serum protects your hair from the dust and the pollution, for working on the right way you should always use hair serum on the fresh and washed hair. When you apply serum on the washes of your hair you will get the perfect result and it will protect your hair like a shield. But in unwashed hair it can’t work. It is ok to touch up the hair for a day but for getting initial application you need to wash hair.

Over apply

No matter how long or short your hair is, over applying serum is never a good thing. Always apply a pea sized amount for fine hair and for thicker side you need a quarter size amount.

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